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Wickens Herzer Panza has a national practice representing companies located in or doing business in Ohio. We work with privately-held businesses and individuals across numerous industries. We pride ourselves on our expertise and depth of experience within the construction, manufacturing, environmental, and banking industries. Additionally, we work closely with employers across all industries throughout Ohio.


Contractors, subcontractors, developers and everyone in between: we get it. You make a lot of decisions and juggle many different moving pieces and parts. We’re here to help you make the smartest decisions for your business; to guide you through each contract negotiation, each transaction and every project you encounter, big or small. Count on our team of legal advisors to help you navigate all of your construction and development needs, including zoning, disputes, leases, contracts, negotiations and more.


From waste disposal to energy and everything in between, Wickens Herzer Panza focuses on your business and the unique needs and circumstances surrounding it. You can count on us to be informed of environmental regulations, changes in law and ways to keep your business protected and compliant.


We make it one of our priorities to understand the banking industry and the individuals within it. We work with secured lenders, committees, vendors, creditors, and court appointed trustees and receivers. Each of you come from different areas within the industry and with different perspectives and needs. We understand.


As a manufacturing company, you face many challenges day in and day out. Whether you’re looking to grow through a merger or acquisition, interested in forming a new business entity or simply need legal guidance on your daily operations, Wickens Herzer Panza will take the time to understand your business and work to develop solutions that work for you.


With a breadth of experience across many health care fields, our attorneys provide legal counsel on all business, litigation, and regulatory issues facing professional practices.   In the representation of physician practices, hospitals, dental practices, veterinarian practices, and even private equity sponsors of health care platform companies, our attorneys have deep experience in this complex and ever-changing field.  We understand the diverse regulatory environment that health care business and professional practices face.  We understand the complex ownership structures and tax issues facing group practices within health care.  Moreover, we know that you have your own unique circumstances and needs and strive to understand these situations in order to better serve you. Across the Firm’s practice areas, we deliver efficient counsel to professional practices by leveraging the expertise of our attorneys across the Firm.


Being a business owner may be your dream job but it’s not without challenges. We’ve worked with many employers throughout Ohio and know many of the struggles you face. Let us help. We’re here to guide you through it all – employment agreements, handbooks, workers’ compensation and more. 


Whether as a start-up or a more established operation, brewers, brew pubs and restaurants, and vendors and suppliers that serve the craft beer industry have specialized business, legal, and regulatory issues. As an Allied Trade Member of the Brewers Association and an Allied Member of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, Wickens Herzer Panza understands your industry and your business’s unique needs.

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