Labor & Employment Relations

WHP’s Labor & Employment attorney group has a wide variety of expertise and is available to assist you in setting the groundwork for a positive experience with your employees and/or company and to provide you with guidance to navigate any issues that may arise in this area. Our attorneys provide a comprehensive approach to labor and employment matters and collaborate with you to address your unique concerns surrounding hiring practices, employee handbooks, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, preventative training and counseling, wage and hour compliance matters, EEOC/OCRC charges, FMLA and ADA litigation, employment discrimination and wrongful discharge, sexual harassment allegations, collective bargaining agreements and negotiations, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation and employee benefit plans. The group provides assistance with the following matters, among many others:

  • Defense of Wrongful Discharge Actions
  • Development, Review and Revision of All Personnel Policies and Practices and Affirmative Action Plans
  • Discrimination Actions
  • Representation Before Various Courts and Federal and State Agencies, Including:
    • The National Labor Relations Board
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    • Industrial Commission of Ohio
    • Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
    • Ohio Division of Prevailing Wage
    • Ohio Unemployment Compensation Board of Review
    • Ohio Civil Rights Commission