Environmental Litigation & Regulation

WHP’s Environmental group brings a blend of long years of experience and a depth of knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations to all of its environmental clients. Environmental law has changed over the years and we have evolved with it bringing creative and effective advocacy for our clients to achieve their legal and business goals. The group focuses on the following areas, among many others:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Permitting Issues
  • Review of Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Assessments
  • Underground Storage Tank Installation and Removal Issues
  • Work with Clients to Obtain “No Further Action” Letters
  • Advise Clients with Respect to Remediation of Contaminated Real Estate
  • Consultation and Representation During Government Inspections
  • Compliance with Cessation of Operation Laws
  • Asbestos Removal Compliance
  • Administrative Appeals of Environmental Agency Decisions
  • Represent Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP’s) in Superfund Lawsuits
  • Preparation of Contracts with Environmental Consultants